Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gift suggestions for that book loving teen

Looking for the perfect gift for a teen who has everything, and has read everything? Well, here are a few suggestions for the gift book that keeps on giving.


Sir Ernest Drake

This interesting pictorial book is a lovely compendium of monsters and beings of all kinds. It contains samples of their hair, pictures, and suggestions for how to act if confronted. Fantasy lovers will delight in the life like illustrations

The Twilight Saga: Slipcased

Stephenie Meyer

Yes, they may have already torn through this popular series, but who couldn't resist having all four books in one attractive case? It also contains four collectible prints to add to its appeal. If the 83 dollar price tag seems a bit steep, try The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide by Stephenie Meyer. It reads like an encyclopedia to all things Twilight.


Christina Meldrum

This mesmerizing first title from this author tells the story of a young girl names Aslaug who was raised pretty much in a cult. She has spent her whole life living off the land in rural Maine, not knowing who her father is, and never experiencing the outside world. Suddenly her mother dies mysteriously and Aslaug is a suspect. Her spirituality is questioned, and Aslaung must grapple with the role of God in everyday life. This one makes a great gift for that teen who likes to question all things supernatural. It also makes a great gift for any teen interested in all things botanical, given its detailed discussion of the nourishing properties of certain plants.

Ghost Girl

Tonya Hurley

Charlotte Usher has spent her life utterly invisible to the teens at her high school. When she dies in a freak accident, she refuses to accept an eternity of invisibility and vows to go to the Fall Ball with the boy of her dreams. She soon finds out that there are other dead teens who have mastered death among the living. This one is cute, but not too cute. It contains just enough death and drama for that emo teen in your life. Check out the book's web site for a selection of eccentric animated illustrations to go along with the novel.

City of Bones

Cassandra Clare

This is the first title in the Mortal Instruments trilogy. This urban fantasy is filled with demons, murder, and all sorts of fantastical creatures. Clary realizes that she can see the world of the Shadowhunters, teens who hunt demons and supernatural creatures, and realizes that her mother is somehow connected to this world. Give this one to that emo teen who is into gothic fantasy and likes blood and gore.

Holiday Princess

Meg Cabot

Sugary sweet and perfect for the holidays. This special holiday issue of the Princess Diaries will delight that tween fan.

Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances

John Green/Lauren Myracle/Maureen Johnson

Three well acclaimed YA authors have written the best holiday-themed short stories you've ever read.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Greg Heffley's Journal

Jeff Kinney

Greg Heffley is an undersized sixth grader trying to cope with a friend who is becoming more popular than him. Older teens might have a nostalgic appreciation for this graphic novel.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Mean girl" books that stand on their own..

The Clique is on the big screen!

Some of you may or may not have heard that the wildly popular tween series The Clique by Lisi Harrison was recently released on DVD. Tyra Banks has produced the movie version of the first title in this popular series, and it promises to have as many disses and fashion flubs as the printed version. For those unaware, it is basically about rich mean girls in middle school. The book series currently contains nine titles so far: The Clique, Best Friends for Never, Revenge of the Wannabes, Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, Dial L for Loser, It's Not Easy Being Mean, Sealed With a Diss, and Bratfest at Tiffany's. A supplemental collection of books about each Clique main character (Massie, Claire, Dylan, Kristen, and Alicia) was also released this past summer.

In case you have already read all of the Clique titles, loved them, and are craving more, here are some stand alone and series titles that you might enjoy.

Kate Brian
Teen Pb

Meg Cabot
Teen Fiction

Secrets of My Hollywood Life
Jen Calonita
Teen Fiction

I'd Tell You I Love You, but Then I'd Have to Kill You
Ally Carter
Teen Fiction

I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader
Kieran Scott
Teen Fiction

Pretty Little Liars
Sara Shepard
Teen Pb

The Secret Rites of Social Butterflies
Lizabeth Zindel
Teen Fiction

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight on the big screen!

So, the Twilight movie was released this weekend, and is promising record box office earnings. Have you seen it? Please share your opinions and comments. Reviews, so far, have been mixed. For those of you who have not read the book, you can download it from our digital library service, Overdrive.
Simply go to www.digiload.org and search for the title. You will need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to read it. It's free (with your library card)!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Teen novels soon to be made into movies!

There is a growing trend of teen novels being made into movies. This year there were three major ones. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (by David Levithan), Twilight (by Stephenie Meyer), and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (by John Boyne).

Here is a list of all of the soon to be released movies from teen novels (that we know of).

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (2009)

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (2010)

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel (2008?)

The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud (2009)

Airman by Eoin Colfer (2011)

Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree (2008)

The Giver by Lois Lowry (2011)

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray (2010)

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (2008)

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (2009)

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (2010)

Skellig by David Almond (2008)

Teen Idol by Meg Cabot (2008)

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld (2011)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Must Read of the Weekend!

Graceling by Kristin Cashore is an amazing read. Fans of Twilight just might enjoy this one.

Katsa was born in a land where a select few called Gracelings are born with supernatural talents. This is indicated by their different colored eyes. She is 18 when she discovers that her Grace empowers her to kill a man with her bare hands.

This terrifying skill causes her to be feared by everyone. However, Katsa does not relish her ability, and wants to use it for good. She forms The Council, an underground group who serve to right the wrongs of the oppressed. In a rescue mission she encounters Po, another Graced fighter who dares to stand up to her. Soon they fall in love, and are united in their desire to save their land from corruption.

The romance between Po and Katsa is similarly palpable to the romance between Bella and Edward. The intrigue and dangerous attraction between these two lovers will have you drooling for more. And there will be more. The prequel, Fire is set to be released in October 2009.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama wins the 2008 Presidential Election!

Today is a historic day in American history. The first African-American was elected president of the United States of America. Some of you may have been old enough to vote in this election. Most of you weren't. But, perhaps you will be old enough to vote in the next election.

Whether or not you voted, or were happy with the outcome, the significance of yesterday's election had to affect you. The enthusiasm of voters was contagious. For the first time in a long time, people were flocking to the polls in record numbers, bringing their children, and smiling throughout, even if they had to wait in long lines. It made you really love the United States of America.

Perhaps you will be old enough to vote in the next general election (2012). If so, or whenever you have that privilege, remember how wonderful it is to have it, and make the most of it!

Please feel free to offer your comments on the election and your hopes for the next four years.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Next Anime Club screening is Nov. 11th!

The Rocky River Public Library Anime Club will be screening

Noir: Shades of Darkness, Vol. 1

on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Purple Room on the library's Mezzanine level.

Noir is the story of two professional assassins, Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yumura. Neither one can remember their past, but both of them are very good at what they do. They team up to form "Noir", but soon realize that someone is out to kill them.
The anime club is open to teens ages 12-18. All those who are under 18 are required to have a signed permission form to participate. Please stop in at the Adult Reference desk to pick up a form prior to the screening.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Teens Top Ten!!!!!

Announcing the Top Ten Teen Titles of 2008! Click here to vote for your own!

(as voted on by over 8000 teens)

1. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling
3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
4. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
5. Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson
6. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
7. The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray
8. Extras by Scott Westerfeld
9. Before I Die by Jenny Downham
10. Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

Do you agree? Feel free to comment and add your own!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Psst....Hey You! This just in! Eva Longoria is fat! Give me a break.

Recently speculations have been surfacing about Eva Longoria's weight gain. Apparently, she has gained so much weight, she can no longer be mistaken for a twelve-year-old boy. Could she be pregnant? No, she insists she is just getting "fat" for her role as a frumpier Gabby on Desperate Housewives.

Imagine if every time you stepped out of your door, went to the beach, bought a coffee, went grocery shopping, everyone scrutinized your body. Did you gain a pound? Perhaps your T-shirt clings unflatteringly to your belly as you step out of Subway. Oh, you must be pregnant. Does this happen to men? Of course not. Why does it happen so much to young women and girls? Because we let it.

Well, it's making me angrier and angrier every time I see this. Especially this particular story. Eva Longoria is too thin, as are most of the actresses in Hollywood. She is too small. Perhaps she is gaining weight, not for a role, as she claims, but because she wants to GET pregnant and can't because she is too thin.

If you are a teenage girl, and you are reading this, please know that this is not an image or ideal to aspire to. Here's why. IT'S NOT REAL! Oh, and I forgot to mention one other little reason. For most young girls, trying to look this way can do serious damage to your body.

You may not think dieting or exercising to an extreme to slim down is doing you any harm. And, it may not be noticeable. Now. But, I assure you, it will do damage that will come back to haunt you as you age. Bone loss, infertility, gastrointestinal disorders, bad skin, and many many other ailments plague women who just didn't take care of themselves in their teens and twenties.

And, here's another thing that makes me mad..fashion designer Rachel Zoe's new reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project. This walking skeleton of a woman creates bohemian fashion for overly skinny celebrities like Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Richie, The Olsen twins, and others. It was rumored that she pressured Lohan to "slim down" to portray the image that her clothes aspire to. Who knows if that is true, but I can almost guarantee that if a normal sized woman like Queen Latifah asked her to dress her for an awards show, not that she ever would want to, Ms. Zoe would probably politely decline. Why does she deserve her own stupid show?

Now, if you are a teenage girl and reading this, you are also probably saying something like "I know all of this already. My mom, my teachers, everyone harps on having a better body image." Well, they should. And, you probably don't. More and more teenage girls are emerging with low self-esteem and poor body image. This can really make it difficult to survive in the real world. How can you change that? Read everything you can get your hands on and tell yourself every day that you are beautiful and awesome. Because, even though it sounds corny, repeating this will eventually help you believe it.

Here are some suggestions for reading material on this topic that doesn't suck and doesn't preach to you:

Nancy Amanda Redd
Teen Nonfiction
Jennifer Weiner
Adult Nonfiction
Brashich, Audrey D.
Teen Nonfiction

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gossip Girl the series....

The further adventures of Gossip Girl continues to be very popular on the WB. Did you know that it was first a series of popular teen pbks by Cecily Von Ziegesar?

Ms. Von Ziegesar is an actual person, unlike Lisi Harrison and Zoey Dean, the credited authors of The Clique series and the A-List series respectively. She is from a wealthy Connecticut family, and actually went to a boarding school in upper East side New York, the Nightingale-Bamford School. So, I guess she knows what she is writing about. However, I doubt much of what she writes is based on reality, but who knows.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past few months, Gossip Girl is basically the story of a few super rich socialites living in Manhattan's upper East side. No one knows who Gossip Girl is, except GG herself. She is the anonymous writer of an online blog in which sex, relationships, scandal, and much more is shared among its readers. For those of you who care to read the popular series, here is the order:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do You Wanna Be a Rock Star?...and the further adventures of XBox 360

Well, now's your chance to be a rock star in the library! Rocky River Public Library now has three, yes, THREE gaming systems which will be available for open play on Tuesday, Sept. 23 from 3:30-5:00 p.m. in the library's Auditorium.
Our newest purchase is the XBox 360 Arcade, which joins a PS2 and Nintendo Wii. The XBox 360 game Rock Band 2 has been preordered, and should arrive shortly, hopefully by the 23rd.

Now this leads me to my latest teen fiction recommendation for the aspiring punk rock goddess.

by Stephanie Kuehnert
Teen Paperback

It's the story of a teenage girl named Emily Black who is growing up in a small town stuck in the mid-70's. Her mother left her when she was just a baby to track down the Ramones and live the fast life in the punk rock scene, or at least that's what her father tells her. In case you are wondering, Joey Ramone was the eccentric front singer for the rock band the Ramones. The Ramones were trailblazers, to say the least, in the punk rock scene.
Emily is in love with punk rock music and thinks if she starts her own punk rock band, and it's successful, maybe, just maybe, her mother will show up at one of her concerts. So she does. It's a moving story about mothers, daughters and a rock bond that cannot be broken. This is Kuehnert's first novel, but if it is any indication of her writing talent, there will be more.
Rock On!

Interested in trying out this new equipment? All you have to do is be a teen and show up. Oh, and it's also a good idea to try to act reasonably normal if you can. Rowdy behavior and a refusal to play nice is annoying to everyone.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preview of John Green's Latest: Paper Towns

John Green

John Green's latest offering to his scores of young adult fans lives up to the hype. It's a moving story about a boy named Quentin. It's a month before his high school graduation, and his friend (and object of affection) Margo Roth Spiegelman goes missing. They've been friends their whole lives, but he knows something has been wrong with her lately. Something he is not quite sure of. Did she run away? Commit suicide? Who knows. The mystery is not revealed until the very end, and you will not want to stop reading until it is.

Green keeps up his reputation of writing philosophical teen fiction that does more than entertain. It makes you think. You fall in love with the eccentricity and thoughtfulness of the characters, and identify with their mental struggles.

It will be released at the start of October. If you are a fan of Green, he will be speaking at the Worthington Public Library on September 8th. I have heard him speak before, and can honestly say that he is not to be missed!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Watch the Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist trailer!

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
starring Michael Cera as Nick and Kat Dennings as Norah

Hits theaters October 3, 2008!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

These kidz are more than all right!

So, what's your street look? Is it something like this?

Let me just say, if you have a look, you will find everything or nothing in common with the people in the New York Look Book: A Gallery of Street Fashion. It's a pictorial for the designer wannabes.

Quite impressive. Especially if you are studying up for back to school looks.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Behold the just revealed Nick and Norahs movie poster!

Coming soon to a theater near you! But, read the book first!

by David Levithan

Teen Pbk

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Summer at the Luxe

The Luxe
By Anna Godbersen
Gossip Girl fans who are also somewhat into the decadence and intrigue of historical romance will love this one. The story begins with a mystery. Elizabeth Holland is found dead in the Holland River just before she is to be married to one of New York's richest heirs. Was it murder? Suicide? An accident? Who knows. What is known is that among the life of New York socialites at the end of the nineteenth century, nothing is set in stone. Intrigue, betrayal, star crossed lovers. It's all in here. Along with the beautiful dresses and strict adherance to manners. A great beach read. Teen Fiction

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jump Into a Book That Rocks This Summer!

The theme for the 2008 Teen Summer Reading Program at Rocky River Public Library is Jump Into a Book that Rocks@Rocky River Public Library!

The theme was chosen and illustrated by Katelyn Barrett, an 8th grader at the Rocky River Middle School.

Her poster design will be unveiled at the library in early June.

Don't miss the Summer Reading kickoff on June 16th! The nation's only library rock band, The High Strung, will be performing in the Auditorium from 7:00 p.m. through 8:30 p.m.

Their newest album, Get the Guests is currently available at the library!

Don't miss this stellar opportunity to rock out with a band hailed by Rolling Stone as "one of the best new, young rock & roll bands in America"!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ellen Page as Roller Derby Queen!

Derby Girl
by Shauna Cross

There's another teen title set to hit the big screen in the next year. This one is about a subject I find quite interesting. Derby Girl, by Shauna Cross is about a sixteen-year old roller derby queen. Bliss Cavendar revolts when her mother tries to get her to compete in a local beauty pageant. Bliss is not you average beauty pageant material. With her blue hair, and edgy look she stands out in her small town of Bodeen, Texas, and not in a good way.

In her search for a place to fit in, she joins a roller derby league in nearby Austin. Her life is changed forever.

This is the first title to showcase the growing popularity of roller derby leagues. Teams are popping up all over the country, from the United States to Canada. Cleveland has it's own Burning River Rolling Girls. They compete against teams from all over the Midwest at the North Olmsted Soccer Complex.

The Derby Girl movie will be called Whip It! It will star Juno's Ellen Page as Bliss and will be directed by Drew Barrymore. Look for it on the big screen in the Spring of 2009.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Title for the Irish Bard in All of Us

The New Policeman

by Kate Thompson

Teen Science Fiction

Ever wonder where time goes? J. J.'s mother sets out to discover just that. In doing so, he is transported to a parallel universe inhabited by fairies and druids. Time is disappearing there as well. Does the New Policeman have the secret to saving these two worlds?

Beautiful and lyrical, this tale is for any Irish lover out there.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Take A Little Friendly Advice....Read This Book!

A Little Friendly Advice

by Siobhan Vivian (pronounced "Shiv-awn")

....who is coming to speak at the Rocky River Public Library on Monday, April 14, 2008 from 7-8:30 P.M.!!!!!
She's a new author that has been hailed as "a bright new voice that holds nothing back" by Cecil Castelucci (author of Plain Janes).
Her debut novel, A Little Friendly Advice, is set in Akron, Ohio. It's about 16-year-old Ruby, who must decide whether to listen to her friends or herself in coping with her the reappearance of her long lost father.
If you are a fan of Poloroid photography, you will love this book.
Check out her web site, www.siobhanvivian.com!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cinda Williams Chima come to Rocky River Public Library!

Fantasy author Cinda Williams Chima will visit Rocky River Public Library on Monday, April 8th from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. She will speak on her inspirations for writing fantasy, and will be signing books.
Don't know who she is? Well, if you liked Harry Potter, you just might like The Warrior Heir and The Wizard Heir. The series tells the story of a sixteen-year-old kid who lives in a small town in Ohio. When he accidentally stops taking his "medication", he suddenly realizes he has strange powers. He finds a powerful sword at an ancestor's grave that leads him to believe just how powerful he really is.
The final installment in this series, The Dragon Heir, is set to be released on Sept. 8th, 2008!
Don't miss this fabulous opportunity to meet this local popular teen author!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Stay tuned...for downloadable summer reading!

Soon the library will have a whole slew of titles available electronically. These will include your summer reading titles.

Music and video titles will also be available.

The site is called Overdrive, and allows you to download all sorts of things to your portable device and computer. All with just a library card.

Keep watching our web site for more details.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fallen Angels Unite!!

A. M. Jenkins
This is the delightful tale of a fallen angel who decides to possess the body of a slacker teen. Ever wonder if your friends are possessed?
Well, they just might be!
Kiriel is the fallen angel, and he is sick of torturing souls. It can get quite boring. So, he decides to come down to Earth and inhabit the body of Shaun, who is one of those guys who slips under the radar.
Turns out it's not so fun being human. Especially when you are the type of kid who isn't noticed.
Can a demon learn something from humans?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger R.I.P. 1/22/08

The Loss of a Great Actor

Academy Award nominated actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment today. He had been suffering from pneumonia, and it is speculated that he died from a drug interaction.
He was 28-years old, and known for his amazing performances in Brokeback Mountain and Monster's Ball.
Please share your (respectful) thoughts.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Movie recommendation

I had to recommend this one for all of you anime fans out there. Actually, you don't have to be a fan of anime at all to enjoy this one.
The director Satoshi Kon continues in his wonderful style of blending science fiction and reality. This one is based on a science fiction novel by noted Japanese author Yasutaka Tsutui. When a program that allows individuals to explore their own dreams is pirated, the results are mind blowing.
If you liked the Matrix, you will appreciate this one. It is Rated R, however, for one particularly unsettling death scene, so watch it with your parents.

Rest in Popularity


by Tonya Hurley

Ever feel like a ghost in your own school? Like you could walk the halls unnoticed? Like, no one has any idea you're even there most of the time? Well, this lovely young lady feels just like that. And, then it happens. She dies. In her own school.

But, instead of ending her already invisible life, it catapults her into popularity. And, soon she is about to win the heart of her beloved, without even being alive!

Ahhhhhh, love... death... The two combine well in this, the first installment of what is sure to be a popular series. In life and death.

Due out in Aug. 2008.

Meet the not-so-Plain Janes

Plain Janes

by Cecil Castelucci and Jim Rugg

Art Saves, plain and simple. When a young girl's life is rocked by a terrorist attack in NYC, she is relocated to a suburban school. She is crushed by the fear that pervades the minset of everyone she encounters. Fear to reveal their true selves. Can you relate?
Plain and simple, Jane and her friends make it their mission to shake up this sleepy town through random acts of...art.
This graphic novel is sure to delight, especially those of you who might feel like you don't.....quite....fit......in.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

By Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
Movie coming out in Oct. 2008!
Get your copy now. This one will be hot hot hot in the Fall. Nick and Norah's relationship starts when Nick asks her if she will be his girlfriend for 5 mins. (His ex just entered the club with a guy.) She agrees, they kiss, and then they're off... Their relationship continues over the course of one night in a punk rock club.
It's as simple as that. In alternating chapters you can follow these lovers through a romantic adventure full of attraction, confusion, rejection, betrayal, and back again. One night in New York City.
This cool novel is going to be a movie, starring Micheal Cera of Juno fame. So, reserve your copy now.